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Once the space has been scanned by the camera and processed in the cloud, anyone with the link can walk through the space as though they were there, experiencing it first hand. This cutting edge technology helps you stand out and be the most competitive in today's market.  Consumers can view the property from anywhere in the world.

The Beauty of 3D Models

How is this different from a typical virtual tour?

A typical virtual tour is a 2D photo slide show allowing the user to only view from the photographers view point when the photo was taken.  Perspective Dimensions 360's 3D virtual tour allows the user to turn left or right, look up or down, and walk through the space to experience that literally transport you into the space.

The model also allows for a floor plan and dollhouse views showing clients how the rooms are connected together and the space is laid out. 3D is a meaningful, emotional and visual way to experience the interior of a space online.

​​​how it works

  • scans take approximately 1-2 hours to complete

  • We will send link or embedded code the same day

The beauty of 3 Models is that once a space has been scanned by the 360 degree camera and processed in the cloud, anybody can interact with the model.  The link can be added to your MLS listing and showcased on sites like Zillow, trulia &  Consumers become fully immersed in the model as if they were physically in the space.  It is possible to see a space from any perspective, walk around, take measurements, leave comments and take snapshots - all from a web browser.


COmpatible with just about any kind of phone, desktop or touch screen!

Phones:  iPhone, Android and Windows

Tablets:  iPad, Android and Windows

Computers:  Windows, Mac IOS

same day delivery

take accurate measurements, label rooms and features, snap photos!

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