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Interactive virtual tours in Traverse City

Perspective Dimension 360's models showcase the facility and allow the consumer to imagine their experience(s) there; such as, weddings, receptions, and other events requiring large areas.  Other Professionals such as Location Scouts, Interior Designers and Event Planners can use Perspective Dimension 360's interactive 3D virtual tour to showcase and build their portfolios. An interactive 3D model can help to facilitate coordinating and planning with clients, especially for remote clients.

Adjusters are able to capture loss data and team members can “walk” damaged properties as if they were there.  Perspective Dimension 360's 3 dimensional tours facilitate collaborative work among many, narrowing the distance for those working remotely. this Saves time and money for all involved.

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The interactive 3D models provide an important boost to online marketing. Buyers can get an immersive experience via the property website or emailed link. The sales process is more efficient with an interactive 3D virtual tour, especially with remote clients and investors. This technology offers a competitive edge to interact and market long distance buyers and investors.

Construction managers can share 3D project updates and progress as easily as photos. The 3D models facilitate general contractors with remote team members and allow remote clients to see a project’s status as well as get details for design and purchasing decisions. This saves time and money for all involved. Builders can have prospective clients tour their spec homes long after they have sold making it possible to reach more clients no matter where their "home base" is located.


Perspective Dimension 360's equipment and program can capture and render large areas up to 15,000 sq ft in only a few hours. The interactive 3D models offer an immersive 3D experience for consumers to decide before making reservations and can be used as a visual cue for consumers to view the facilities and services offered.

With the versatility of this immersive technology, Perspective Dimensions 360's clients span across multiple industries for numerous uses.